Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore


We provide programs and services that include early intervention, special education and vocational training to empower people with cerebral palsy to lead more fulfilling lives.

What is CP

The different types, signs and symptoms, how it affects the mind and body, and more.

What we do

The range of services we provide to fuel the development and potential of our members.

Get involved

All the ways, big and small, you could make an impact on the CP community.

Support the diverse needs of the CP community

Fuel Their Potential

Education & Training

Early Intervention Programme For Infants and Children (EIPIC)

Early therapy intervention equips young children with skills that will prepare them for admission into either a Special Education or mainstream school.

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A SPED curriculum-based school where students are guided to develop skills in areas such as vocational activities, sports and the arts.

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Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop (GROW)

A workshop providing vocational training and sheltered employment for adults aged 16 years and up.

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Day Activity Centre (DAC)

Care and skills training for adults aged between 16 to 55 years old who are either unable to be cared for by their family members during the day or are not suitable for sheltered employment.

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